I’m a mom of two who has been semi-retired since 2008 (aka a SAHM). I’ve been (mostly) happily married for 13 years and I still live where I grew up, in the Maryland suburbs of DC. Before I left the workforce I was a graphic designer and writer, so this blog is me picking back up the interests and skills I used to have before the kids, plus gaining a few more.

Like most lives, mine hasn’t gone exactly as expected. We had our first child young for where we live. Then, my husband got Lyme’s disease and I quit my job so that I could be at home full time since his constant pain made it difficult for him to help with the house and childcare. In the midst of it all, we bought a house right before the market crashed in 2008. While we were never underwater on our townhome, the deprecation did trap us there for years next to some crazy neighbors. Finally, in 2015, we were able to swallow the loss on our townhome with the help of our family and sell it after both CPS and the police both advised us to move because of the aforementioned neighbors. Now we live on four peaceful acres in the Exburbs, with plenty of space for my husband to enjoy his crazy hobbies now that he no longer suffers from Lyme’s and I get to enjoy the quiet as well as our garden, orchard and bees.

One of the things that helped us most though all those tumultuous years was the Financial Peace class we had taken at our church right after I quit my job. I went from hating the restraints of a budget to appreciating the sense of control it gave me. That financial education saw us though some tough, lean years (and lots of fights over the $300 food budget) and I consider it the most important class I ever took in my life. That experience gave me a passion for personal finance because controlling your finances is the key to being able to live your life according to your values. I hope that some of the things I get to share here can help you and I look forward to you sharing with me as well.